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“K Carl Smith Republicans”, CPAC, and the Exposure of Black Conservatism–Part 2

This is Part 2 of a video about a video. It chronicles a breakout session at CPAC 2013 led by black conservative, K Carl Smith. Mr. Smith believes that Republicans can improve their minority outreach by declaring themselves to be “Frederick Douglass Republicans” and thereby somehow making themselves immune from charges of racism.

During the session, a white separatist stands to advocate for segregation and expresses doubts about the privations of slavery.

I believe it is nothing less than a Rosetta Stone for understanding the dynamic between black conservatives, white conservatives, and black people.

In this part, we look at how black conservatives are used by the right-wing to further their goals– often at the expense of black people–and watch in horror as a white separatist is given free rein while a black woman is shouted down.