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Just Back From British Virgin Islands

We flew into St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and took a ferry to Tortola, British Virgin Islands. From there we boarded our chartered yachts and sailed, as part of the Black Boaters Summit flotilla, to various islands, beaches, coves and ports. We drank rum punch and snorkeled and swam and danced and ate lobsters on the beach and and hiked and…man, it was something!

We’ll talk.

Anyone ever been down that way? What island would you like to see?

  • Ty

    Those shots are nice!  It looks like the Ultimate Vacation. 

  • chris robinson

    Yeah, ultimate vacation sounds about right. I noticed that I don’t have many pictures of all of the beautiful beaches that we visited. That’s because usually you approach the beach from land. But we sailed to the beach, often swimming in to shore from the boat! One blazingly hot day, I hiked into some hills and was taking pictures of all of the beautiful yachts in the bay when it suddenly struck me that one of the yachts was mine, so what the hell was I doing admiring it from a blacktop road? I went “home”! LOL!